Types of Madison Kyocera Copiers

Digital monochrome printers are digital black and white copiers that use modules to combine various multifunctional capabilities such as networking, copying, scanning, and faxing. The modules support functions such as add-ons, which gives you the capability to add more functions at a later date. Typically the machines can be upgraded with plug-and-play simplicity, while other copiers require more sophisticated hard ware fixes. If you want to add printing or faxing capabilities at a later date, you should ask about the upgrade process before you purchase the copier. If you do not foresee making a lot of color copies, you should consider making a small inkjet printer purchase.

Digital color copiers can print color, and they work similarly to a computer scanner connected to a laser printer. This particular type of machine scans the original document, and transfers the data via a laser to an image drum. The copier heats the toner after the colored toner adheres to the charged area of the drum, and a permanent image is fused on the paper.

Hybrid copiers are most beneficial to businesses that need color prints, copying, and monochrome prints. Hybrids can save a company a lot more money if a business has a need for medium volume color prints as well as monochrome prints.