Vertical Line on Your Pages? Don’t Call That Technician Yet!

We recently had a customer who believed they needed a technician for their copier because they were experiencing these pesky lines on the pages when they sent it through the feeder. However, those lines ceased to exist when copied off the glass. We immediately told that customer, “Wait, one minute! We have heard this story before!” Instead of sending out a technician, we told them to grab a cloth and glass cleaner.

The cloth used should be soft so that it does not damage the glass. What you would use to clean your glasses.

When you wipe the smaller glass, to the left of the main glass, you should eliminate those lines.

However, if you still encounter issues, regardless of whether you copy through the feeder, the printer drum may be the likely culprit.

Rather than paying $175 for a technician to wipe your copier with glass cleaner, we recommended that customers check this out first. With our customer, it fixed the problem. When you have been in this business as long as we have, we can spot pattern issues, which allows us to sometimes help our customers save money. That expertise can only be bought through years of dedication and experience.