What Happens when my Copier is Discontinued?

Copier manufactures are in the technological industry, but they are also sales oriented. They are always coming out with newer, better copiers that can do more than ever before. Copier companies want the newer machines in offices as soon as possible. This means that they will eventually discontinued older models in order to get people to but new machines. However, just because your copier is discontinued does not mean that you are at a total loss.

Copier salespeople use discontinued copiers as an opportunity to try and get you to get a more expensive copier. They may call you and say that your discontinued copier will be hard to maintain, but luckily you can get a newer model for only a bit more a month. This may be a good deal, but there is something they probably aren’t tell you.

All copier companies must keep parts available for at least 5 years after they discontinued a copier.

This means that your copier should be easily manageable as long as you are within that 5 year period of time. This fact can save you a lot of money if you have a copier that you like and don’t want to pay extra to upgrade. Other copier leasing companies use this as a way to get you to spend more, but we want to promote honesty in copier leases.

If you are tired of constantly battling with your copier leasing company then give us a call today at Madison Copier. We will get you a fair lease and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today and get set up with the best copier from the trusted brands.