What Is “2 Clicks Vs. 1 Click” and Why Does It Matter to You?

If you make prints using tabloid sheets, there is a battle in the copier industry that directly affects you: the battle between “two clicks” and “one click.”

A tabloid print is 11”x17”, exactly twice the size of a standard 8.5”x11” letter paper. Since the size of a tabloid sheet is double that of a regular page, copier manufacturers will count this print as two “clicks.” Other manufacturers set their copiers up to have all copies count as one “click.”

Simply put, a “click” is a printed page. Since tabloid sheets are twice the size of regular letter sheets, they sometimes get counted (and charged) as two sheets.

Why This Matters to You as Someone who Regularly Makes Tabloid Prints

Let’s say, for example, you pay $0.075 on each of your color prints, and you made 1,000 tabloid prints per month. If your copier manufacturer counts your tabloid prints as two clicks, you will pay an extra $75 a month, or $4,500 over five years.

This idea does seem simple, but this one simple trick could cost you more money if you’re not careful.

How to Stop from Overpaying for Tabloid Color Prints

If you do a lot of tabloid prints, especially if you use a lot of color toner, check these two items to keep your tabloid print costs as low as possible.

First, check to see if your copier is rated for one click only.

Check with your manufacturer before making your purchase to make sure you’re not paying double for each print you make.

Second, check to see how much color coverage you have before you get charged for overages.

If your leasing company charges you for 20%, keep in mind that tabloid prints will count as double. To avoid overages on your tabloid color prints, you will need to use half the color coverage you would use on a letter paper. If your coverage limit is 20%, you’ll need to stay at 10%.

Follow these two simple steps to keep your monthly print costs from going through the roof.