What is Print Management?

Print Management?

Print Management?

You may start hearing your copier company in Madison talk about “Print Management”  When they say this, what do they mean?  There are different meanings for this term, so what is your copier company in Madison talking about?

Basic Version:

This version of Print Management is basically you pay a cost per print and the copier company will supply all of your supplies, you maintenance, and future equipment.  This should not be called Print Management as far as we are concerned.  It is more like Printer Maintenance.

Medium Version:

This version will take a few audits to see how much you are printing and then recommend that you replace some of the printers in your fleet or tell you that you need to replace your copier and there is no real need for new printers, just use the new copier.  This is not what we call print management, this is printer maintenance and print redistribution.

Our Version:

When we speak of print management we want to take a few snapshots to see your  current volumes like the medium version.  So, what do we do different?  We will “manage” printers…  we will put high volume machines in high volume areas and low volume machines in low volume areas.  We will try and spread machines logically and see if we can maximize efficiency and minimize your costs.  We take care of your printers and copier (maintenance and supplies.)

When we speak of print management, we expect there will be some moving, but our goal is efficiency and service of our customers, not just new printer and copier sales in Madison!