Why Leasing A Madison Copier Isn’t Always The Best Option

Which way to turn on a Madison copier purchase or lease? We'll show you the way.

Madison is fast paced and demands the best when it comes to printing, and it’s surprising how many people choose leasing a copier in Madison over purchasing. They pay for prints that they don’t use, agree to price hikes every year, and forget that they have to pay up to a thousand dollars at the end of the lease to package and return the equipment–so they get stuck in another lease on their Madison copier. And another one. To break the cycle means spending even more hard earned money on a Madison copier. Or does it?

There are tricks of dealing with that, but how much is really being spent? It’s hard to say because every lease is different, and some people don’t understand half of what they’re signing in a lease. Being a smart consumer and business person requires a thoughtful look into this business of leasing Madison copiers and a true computing of the costs. Leasing can be a cash flow blessing by not having to pay massive amounts initially, but leaving no copier unturned will yield many saving with just a little education and foresight. Madison doesn’t tolerate inefficiency and excessive expense, and neither should you! Know what you’re signing and do your own math when looking at a Madison copier!